Hurd/Riverside Courts.

The Hurd courts were first constructed in the 1950’s and named after Dr. Hurd.  They served the community well until they fell into disrepair due to lack of maintenance.  In 2010 the Great Falls Tennis Association (GFTA) was revived and the first project taken on was the new construction of the Hurd courts.   Funds of $300,000 (half from the City and half from the School District) were secured and were dedicated to the resurfacing of the CMR courts and reconstruction of the Hurd Courts by the river. The contract was awarded and work was started in August 2010 and completed in the spring of 2011.

Completed Construction             Scheduled Maintenance             Completed Maintenance

Spring 2011                                               Summer 2024


CMR Courts

CMR Courts were reconstructed the summer of 2016. They were resurfaced in September 2021 to repair all the cracks that were showing up.  The fall of 2023 drain pipes were dug around the courts to drain the water from under the courts to eliminate the bubbles in the courts.


Finished Product, ready for play

Finished Product, ready for play








Completed Construction             Scheduled Maintenance        Completed Maintenance

September 2021                                               Summer 2027


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